the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Three Companies, Three Industries, One Purpose...

Finish Line Network (FLN) is committed to the advancement of the online entrepreneur, no matter what online industry they call home. We're the result of a simple concept that each of the three online profit industries share, and we're born from a majorly successful company within each of those spaces.

Our concept is simple: Gain the knowledge, tools, and connections that are considered the cornerstones for online profitability, without having to run the profit race, thereby "Starting At The Finish Line". We've defined the profit race as the amount of time it takes to make a profit without giving up. It's a proven fact and no secret that failure to realize profit through an online endeavor is far greater than success, and that's where FLN comes in.

FLN's products were created around a trait that's shared among successful businesses across all online profit industries. Our products focus on what's creating profit now and not what may possibly bring profit in the future. One of our core focuses is the here and now.

Traffic Authority's (TA) owners are no strangers to the Direct Sales industry. They're credited for over $50,000,000 in online product sales, over $14,000,000 in commissions paid to just about 100,000 affiliates, and upwards of 12,500,000 high quality leads generated. These accomplishments were achieved during the past twelve years through different companies, systems, and strategic partnerships.

In the past three years alone, Traffic Authority has helped over 40,000 team members sell more than $15,000,000 in Traffic, Traffic conversion Tools, and Traffic Training. TA has also paid out over $7,000,000 in commissions to referring affiliates.

Online Sales Pro (OSP) is a dynamic software company and a creative force. When it comes to technology that works, sales funnels that convert, a Mobile app you can literally run your business from, retargeting, cutting edge training, and a thriving community, OSP is considered the finest in their space. OSP's systems have generated over 20,000,000 leads and close to $50,000,000 in product sales for their members over the past ten years.

Paul Counts has been making money online for over 19 years. Paul has sold over $10,000,000 of online products and services, he's an exceptional and sought-after trainer, and has worked with professional athletes and celebrities to bring their digital products to market.

Paul will be the first to tell you that he wasn't an overnight success. Despite his massive success, Paul has never lost focus of the core concepts, practices, and principles required to maintain a successful online business. His passion for passing his successes secrets and knowledge forward is echoed throughout the almost 100,000 students he's trained around the globe.

We're All Waiting For YOU At The Finish Line!

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